7 Ways to Make Money from Patreon

Ways to Make Money Patreon

Are you interested to find out a way that you can make money from Patreon?

There are many successful Patreons who managed to make a good income of more than $50,000 a month.

In this day of online funding, and website like Patreon, you can find fans and people who will support your work much more easily.

So here are 7 ways that you can make money from Patreon and turn it to a successful online business just by creating good content that people will subscribe.

1. Creating a Tribe

creating community

If you have a passion for a topic, you can build a tribe of followers on the subject you love.

For example, there is a good history podcast created by Dan Carlin. He is an amateur historian as he likes to say. But he shows great love and passion in history and a lot of people follows his podcast. He charges for just $1 a month to listen to him talk about history.

2. Be an Online Educator

Do you have a specific skill set that a lot of people might want to learn from you? You can use Patreon as a promotion tool. You can start by giving out some free content on Youtube and grow your followers and charge for premium content on Patreon.


One good example is Crash Course which produces free, high-quality educational videos for teachers and learners. Education is an evergreen niche and a good start for new Patreon Creators.

3. Different Tier Levels Model

This is probably one of the more usual ways Patreon creator use Patreon to make money. With many different tier levels, each more expensive than the one before it, you can offer more and more offers to those who are willing to pay for your content.

Crash Course makes good use of this business model.

Patreon membership level

In total, Crash Course has 11 different levels with different offers. The levels range from $3 a month to the highest that charges $3,000 a month. The rewards range from activity feed, exclusive live streams to marketing promotions at their videos.

No matter how many tiers, the point of the tiers is to create bonus and premium content for those who are your most loyal fans. What to offer and for how much money is always a case of trial and error. Be patient, build your audience, interact with them, notice patterns and build your tiers from there. Business will follow suit.

4. More Perks for Your Loyal Fans

Patreon Bird Rewards

Many fans adore their creators and can’t get enough of them… Hence, you can offer additional posts, pictures, and videos of you and your life. They will support your creation by paying for a higher plan.

One of the ways people go about this is by giving shoutouts or thank-yous before their posts and videos. Who would not want their favorite creator to speak their name and thank them wholeheartedly?

You can also mention their brands and promote their services and products at the end of the video. This can help to attract serious advertisers.

Other than that, you can create special merchandise for your biggest, most loyal fans. It can be shirts or caps or mugs, just something little and very personalized.

5. The Pay as You Like Model

The PWYC model is being adopted more and more often. Creators are becoming aware that they are being followed and consumed by a wide variety of people all around the world. There is a large diversity in their audience.

Some of that diversity is financially based. Not everyone makes the same amount of money. Some might be able to afford only a dollar or two a month extra. On the other hand, some people might spring in with twenty or fifty dollars each month.

Or you can create a very large hierarchy of tier levels. Each tier level with more rewards. You can go from the first level that costs a dollar or two, to level five or six that offers everything you can offer and put the price at a few hundreds of dollars. Just think of creative and fun rewards that your fanbase is sure to eat up.

6. Offering Products or Services

This is probably the closest thing that you will see to how you would operate a normal business on Patreon. Maybe you can create software or you can consult people about markets of certain kinds. If that is the case, you can add special rewards if you are asked to do some of the services that you know you can provide to your audience.

Or if you are a professional artist, you can offer advice and critique just like what Jason Morgan did for other amateur artists.

DIY and craft will be a good fit for this business model in Patreon.

7. Narrating Stories

If you have knowledge in a specific niche, you can definitely try out to be a storyteller. Take for example Jim C. Swim who has crazy knowledgeable about criminal psychology. He has been narrating lots of criminal stories with 30,000+ fan base. His fans are loving his videos and he has a group of enthusiasts following his Patreon.

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