Use These 20 Clever Techniques to Find New Content Ideas

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As digital marketers, we’re expected to produce useful and exciting content that the audience will engage with. Coming out with fresh new content is also crucial to business websites that want to reel in visitors for successful conversion of leads. The same can be said for bloggers who nurture prospective clients through insightful blog content.

Content marketing campaigns typically start off sizzling hot which eventually fizzles out slowing down your progress over time. If you think you’ve exhausted all common content ideas, think again. It takes clever content idea generation to get you back in the saddle. You can find unique content ideas that will get your content noticed by your target audience again. Here are some techniques and tools that will surely help you come up with unique, original content ideas.

1. Buzzsumo


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Considered as one of the best content marketing tools, Buzzsumo helps me identify the most relevant and trending topics to keep my social media excitingly fresh and valuable for my audience. As influencer marketing corresponds to social media success, Buzzsumo functions as a helpful tool that makes it easy for you to discover new opportunities to create meaningful influencer connections.

Apart from fresh and unique content ideas, Buzzsumo also finds content that can be used for backlinking purposes. I highly recommend this tool if you want to write content that reaps high engagement.

2. Ubersuggest


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If you’re overwhelmed with coming up with unique and valuable content ideas, Ubersuggest is a sleek tool that allows you to accomplish this and so much more. Contrary to popular belief, blogging is far from over. It’s your platform to connect with your target audience, as it provides insightful ideas, solutions, and information that will help enhance the organic traffic to your site.

Ubersuggest is a keyword search tool that features three core functions- rank tracking, identifying keyword difficulty, and competitor keyword analysis. All pertinent information from these criteria is useful in finding relevant phrases that you can include in your next blog content.

3. Quora


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If you’ve been in a rut coming up with fresh, interesting content ideas for your blog, site, or social media posts, Quora might just beat the block. The site is formatted as a Q&A platform teeming with information that you can utilize in coming up with new content ideas that your target audience will be more than happy to consume in one sitting. You can find everything and anything at Quora- from expert opinions, current trends, customer insights, and competitor information.

Industry-specific questions attract more information from fellow users. The site is intuitive in that similar questions or topics are also displayed during search. You can generate a ton of ideas simply by asking the right questions. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll end up getting amazing insights from industry experts, too. You can also repurpose Q&A discussions on Quora to create engaging and irresistible content that your target audience will definitely want to read.

4. Answer the Public


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If you’re suffering from content ideation fatigue, why not Answer the Public? I am talking about a valuable tool that automates the traditional Google search process, by generating ideas that are neatly laid out on search clouds. These search clouds feature a clear and comprehensive overview of questions that your target audience typically types into search engines.

This is a useful tool for marketers who seem to be lacking innovation and motivation in writing fresh content. By focusing on questions generated by Answer the Public, it will be easier to come up with content that easily converts. By using insightful information from the search cloud, you’re bringing your audience closer to doing business with you. Although Answer the Public lacks volume search criteria, I consider it as a helpful source for content ideation purposes due to its ability to provide visualizing ideas in multiple formats.

5. FAQ Fox


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The goal of all marketers to produce high-value blog posts to boost authority and profitability. In order to create high-value content for your target audience, you may want to consider using a keyword search tool that identifies questions that most people ask around. FAQ Fox helps in content creation is scours Q&A sites, including Quora and Reddit to find industry-related questions. It generates questions like “how”, “what”, “why”, and “where” in titles and metadata that include target keywords.

With these questions, you can start listing down possible answers, which will lead you to create unique content that your readers will love. By addressing what your target audience is trying to solve, you will ultimately lead more traffic to your site and higher conversions as you gain authority in your chosen niche over time.

6. KWFinder


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KWFinder is one of the few analysis tools that I love. Much more than a keyword analysis tool, KWFinder provides me with valuable information that I need to assess and modify my content as a whole. It’s typically used for SEO purposes, as its main job is to gather pertinent parameters, including cost-per-click, estimated search traffic, and most visited URLs over the past year.

KWFinders offers an affordable and straightforward solution if you want to stay on of the SEO game. By highlighting keywords with excellent reach volume, you can easily identify content that your target audience needs locally. Using the KWFinder is easy. Simply pick specific but low-search keywords if you are creating content for a specific niche, you get a clearer insight of the exact concerns of potential clients.

7. Competitor Websites

You can leverage the competition’s content in your favor by creating similar but better content than them. It’s always best to check out the sites of competitors regarded to be authority in your niche. Looking for new ideas on competitor websites are usually easy since most of these platforms feature their most popular or most read content on their sites.

The good news is that you don’t need to perform a comprehensive competitor analysis to generate new ideas for your blog or business site. By checking our competitor sites, you gain a more vivid understanding of your industry. Using a thorough evaluation of a competitor’s site, you have a clearer picture of your buyer’s persona. In addition, you can create better alternatives of a rival’s content, ultimately beating them in search engine rankings, too. A pro tip- When checking out the website of competitors, I recommend that you check out the comments and social shares, too. This will lead you to gather more pertinent information that will help you in developing high-traffic content.

8. Recent Events

A creative way of generating new ideas for your blog, site, social media, or email is by being up to date with current events. Breaking news may not directly affect your industry, but in typical writer’s fashion, you can look for creative ways on how you can connect your brand to news, most especially to fresh industry events.

I highly recommend finding local events or trade shows that are related to your industry. Produce content that provides pertinent details about the event and then smoothly provide them your connection or relevance in your specific niche.

9. Underscore Technique

This is the lesser known technique that can flood your site or blog with your intended audience. I have been following this technique myself because it’s relatively easy to understand hence reducing my aggravation when coming up with relevant content.

Simply type in the main keyword or topic in Google. The next step is to type an underscore and hit the space bar before pressing enter. Using this action, Google will automatically provide word suggestions based on your main keyword. From a single keyword, it will become easier for you to develop ideas that you can then turn into high-value content.

10. Also Ask Box

Google’s Also Ask Box consists of a set of questions that are related to your original search query. It’s a dynamic SERP feature that can help you produce relevant ideas that can enhance your online platform, be it a blog or business site. The Also Ask Box broadens keyword search, which in turn helps you target keywords unique or specific to your industry. You can scrape relevant terms and keywords that will help you enhance the overall quality of your content. Typically, searches will provide you with many questions on Also Ask Box, which will help you to include more solid discussions for your content.

Using the Also Ask Box is a quick way to create ideas without using any software or tools outside of traditional search engine research.

11. (Books)


Consistent publishing of unique and relevant content requires inspiration. If you’ve been lacking inspiration recently or in a slump, it’s always best to think out of the box. One likely source of inspiration may come in the form of book covers. Amazon is a fantastic place to check out excellent titles or overview from books that are relevant to your industry and/or keywords. Digging into online bookstores such as or Barnes & Noble is a fantastic way of using your resourcefulness.

In the case of generating content ideas through Amazon, go to their Book Search function and type in your main and secondary keywords. We recommend that you list down all notable ideas from page 1 book searches. This is useful for coming up with content ideas but also for witty titles that can easily grab the attention of your audience.

12. Reddit for Content Ideation

With millions of active users, Reddit is an excellent place to find inspiring ideas for developing high-traffic content. If you are familiar with the Reddit interface, content ideation becomes fast, simple, and straightforward. Apart from expert information, you can maximize the benefits of feedback from fellow users. As the majority of subreddits feature users craving answers, you can construct all common queries in your niche or industry into informative and unique content on your blog, website, or social media platform.

Reddit also features Keyword Research Tool. Unlike Google and conventional keyword search tools that generate keywords, the Keyword Research Tool offers greater value as it enumerates trending topics that the majority of your target audience are talking about. You may also use the Keyword Research Tool in generating search volume data from Google Keyword Planner.

13. Product Reviews

If you have a business site and looking for novel ways to come up with content ideas that convert, utilize the information you can gather from product and service reviews. There are online forums and review sites from where you can accumulate ideas that will prove relevant for your brand.

For instance, if you are a business owner who sells air on your site it’s a wise move to create an engaging blog entry that tells of your personal experience of using a brand-new model that you’ve used recently. By creating a blog post, you educate your target audience and create much-needed hype before even launching the product on your site.

14. Cross Pollinate Ideas Between Similar Industries

Digital marketing is all about creating a hype around a concept, product, or service that you are selling your target audience. If you know of any industry that overlaps with the goods you’re selling or promoting, we recommend close collaboration with other businesses to create unique and valuable content. If you are managing content for a roofing contractor, you may suggest a collaboration with a company that sells roofing materials and supplies. Creating collaborative content will not only produce unique content, but it will also expand your presence to a whole new audience, who may possibly need your products and services at the same time.

15. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content or UGC guarantees big rewards when executed the right way. Utilizing UGC for your digital marketing campaign is a way to reel in new followers, generate sales, and convert potential clients into guaranteed customers.

Social media platforms are excellent places to gather new ideas. It’s best to focus your efforts on one medium when scouring for new content ideas. It is more manageable to gather all new ideas and keywords in this way, as most users link their content videos, images, and graphics using a single common keyword only.  If done correctly, you can expect a steady flow of traffic and high conversion rates. This is because a big chunk of your clients relies on UGC when making small and big purchasing decisions.

16. Exploding Topics Tool

Exploding Topics is an innovative tool that will help you find new topics that you can incorporate when writing content. New topics are less competitive than trending ones. This tool scans the Interweb for new topics that are gradually receiving more attention from your specific target audience. Exploding Topics features an intuitive interface that allows clients to sort out topics by categories, making it easier for you to analyze topics that fit your content needs.

17. Product Hunt

If there’s one problem that never goes away among digital marketers, it’s content ideation. Marketers are continuously looking for ideas that help them create engaging content for blogs, online marketing campaigns, and social media platforms.

Product Hunt is a savvy source of inspiration as collates up-and-coming products and services for various industries. Updates are being updated daily, so you can’t have any excuse for skipping on publishing relevant content on your site. This tool is integrated with functionalities that make online searches quick and simple. Product Hunt also encourages users to engage on their platform through conversations, upvotes, and social media shares.

18. Content Relaunch

If you’re seriously stuck in a rut, your best shot may not be coming up with new content at all. A clever way of attracting more traffic to your site is by relaunching old content. Just like everything else in this world, your content should address concerns in current times.

An excellent example would be older posts about SEO techniques. As you may already be aware, SEO trends change based on consumer behaviors and search engine algorithms. What used to be a highly effective SEO strategy may not be as relevant and important today. Although the essence of the content is more or less the same, relaunching an old idea is guaranteed to boost the traffic to your blog or web pages.

19. Trapit

Another ingenious way to increase your authority in your chosen nice is through content curation. If you want to further your influence or dominance in your space, using Trapit will help you fulfill this goal. Instead of looking for new ideas or inspiring content on the Internet, Trapit shows you topics that are valuable for your target audience. You can choose from existing online content that resonates with you. Trapit allows its users to share its content to various social networking sites or via email newsletters.

Trapit also performs a thorough analysis on which content moves your intended readers. During subsequent visits, it will automatically generate the most interesting topics for them. Lastly, Trapit also features a database of publications, which reduces the chances of you sharing content that your competition has been sharing to their networks.

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20. Refer to your Audience

Your target audience is one of your greatest sources of new ideas. The comments, responses, and feedbacks on your content will help you reassess the direction or tone of your future content. The details you receive directly from your audience will help you up your efforts and enhance your digital marketing strategy altogether.

Check out the comments they leave on your social media posts. Implement the same vigilant assessment of customer feedback from all types of online publications. All of them are relevant and ignoring them will result in failure or ineffectiveness of your entire marketing strategy. Treat both positive and negative comments as constructive criticism that will inspire you to look for more fresh ideas. It is also by reading through comments and close monitoring of shares that you can identify their needs which you may have neglected in the past.

Utilizing comments and integrating public feedback in your content ideation process will greatly improve your content.


Creating a single content strategy and sticking with it can be challenging, especially when there’s a ton of tools that offer many benefits to your organization. The key to a steady stream of unique and relevant content is through experimentation. You must be willing to try all tools available to you. All of them are guaranteed to provide you with fresh ideas, improve your workflow, and enhance your optimization strategies. Give these 20 techniques and tools a try to reignite the creativity in you.

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