10 Ways to Find More Blog Readers

Ways to Find More Blog Readers

As a new blogger, one thing on your mind will be on how to find more blog readers to increase traffic. However, getting more blog readers can be a hard task if you don’t know the effective strategies winning bloggers use to attract new readers. If you are interested to find more blog readers, here are some good tips for you.

1. Commit to Creating the Best Quality Content Consistently

People are more likely to visit your blog if they are sure of finding fresh new posts when they visit. If you want new blog readers, make sure you publish at least one blog post every week.

As a matter of fact, you can’t succeed with your blogging ideas and efforts if you do not commit to publishing quality posts consistently. Your readers want to be sure you are someone they can always count on for regular informative content.

The frequency of your posts can be once a week, twice a week, or once daily. Whatever works for you and brings new readers to your blog is good for growing your readership. Whatever works for you, make sure you are consistent about it.

Consistency and perseverance are the main keys to attracting more readers and succeeding with your blog.

2. Make It Easy for People Subscribe

It is important you make it easy for people who are interested in your blog to subscribe to your email newsletter or your blog’s news feed. It is easy for anyone who subscribes to your blog to unsubscribe after all the efforts to sign up.

Even if they do not have the time to open every email they get from you about a new post, they will definitely visit once in a while and share interesting posts they find with their friends and family. Make sure you make where to sign up and how to sign up an easy process. This will enable visitors to sign up without any hassles.

3. Find a Need Your Blog Can Fulfill

It is important to ask yourself what need your blog is filling to enable you to find the right audience. Once you have identified a need you can meet with your blog, you can provide great content to your audience by understanding what they are looking for.

Blogs that have consistent great content will be the ones that can survive in the long run. So first decide what needs you want to meet with your blog and produce informative blog posts on that very topic as often as you can.

4. Leave Intelligent Comments on Relevant Posts on Other Blogs

Do your research to find blogs who write topics in your niche. Once you have found such blogs, check the posts they make and leave intelligent comments on such posts. Your comments should show your deep knowledge of the topic at all times.

Other readers who find your comment helpful may want to learn more from you by following you on social media, learning about your blog and thus become an ardent reader of your posts.

This is a clever way to get new readers from authoritative blogs.

5. Write Some Guest Posts on Authority Blogs

There are several authority blogs out there that will accept your blog posts to be published on their blogs. The important thing is to always ensure your posts are accurate, relevant and informative. You can always introduce readers to your blog at the end of your guest posts.

One other benefit that comes from guest blogging is that your guest posts on high ranking blogs will increase your website SEO rankings.

6. Make Use of Hashtags on Instagram

Social media has taken the center stage for traffic generation. You can easily grow your network by including hashtags on your posts on social media sites like Instagram. These hashtags help you connect with potential readers whom you would have never found.

In addition to using hashtags on Instagram, make sure you use great titles and use suitable photos to drive home your point. Instagram is a great place to find new readers you can build long-term relationships with.

7. Use Live Videos

Live videos remain one of the most effective ways to market your blog. With several live video platforms out there today, you can easily spread the word about your blog by linking directly to posts and products on your blog when you use a platform like Facebook Live. You can also respond to comments directly at the end of the video to build trust.

8. Link to Other Bloggers

If you want people to find your blog, make sure you link to other blogs. Once you find any great blog or blog post, make sure you share it with your audience. This will help you grow your network.

The more your share relevant blog posts from other bloggers, the more you get other bloggers to link back to you and share your posts with their audiences.

Don’t forget to send an email to the blogger that you have mentioned them in your new article.

9. Network With Others

When blogging first started out, getting readers wasn’t a hard task, but today things have become more competitive and you need to do more to attract more readers.

With several other blogs out there jostling for readers and followers, you have to up your game and outshine your competitors. One thing you can do to stay ahead is to network with other bloggers.

You can find bloggers who are already successful in other niches and network with them. Find out what they do to attract new readers, learn from them and mastermind with them on how to improve.

10. Create Your Own Community

If you want your readers to take you seriously and come back for more, make sure you are always there for them. You can’t make a post and disappear while your readers argue about points you raised in your post with no one to clarify issues.

You have to always check back to answer questions from your readers and reply to their comments. By doing this, your readers would want to share your post with their friends and direct more people to your blog.

Blogging can be a full-time business if you make it so. All it takes is commitment and that you commit to learning every effective tip blogging pros use to attract the right traffic, turn readers to followers and become an authority in their field.

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