10 Tips on How to Write Great Blog Post Titles

Tips on How to Write Great Blog Post Titles

Everyone in the blogging sphere knows the importance of creating top-quality content when it comes to making your blog visible to search engines.

A catchy title for your blog posts is arguably the most important part of every post. This is because no one will find out how great your blog content is if the title if not attractive enough to lure them into clicking into your website from search engines.

The title of your blog is the first thing everyone sees when they enter search terms that are relevant to your blog on major search engines. Even when people share your blog posts on social media handles, it is the title people see and decide whether to click on the link below the title or move on to the next post.

That said, suffice it to say that the overall success of every post you make on your blog is solely dependent on how good your blog titles are. If you want to up your title twisting game, we have assembled 10 tips for you to adopt.

1. Master the Formulas for Creating Popular Headlines

Several marketers have spent years researching what makes some titles more attractive than others. And in the course of their researches, they have discovered some particular trends for hot blog titles. Here are a few blog title trends that will always get people to click on your link:

Number Titles
Blog titles that have a list of tips or ideas that can help you achieve a feat is great for your blog posts.

Example: 10 Tips on How to Write Great Blog Titles

How to Titles
Another hot blog titles are those that promise readers how to get something done.

Example: How to Get More Traffic for Your Blog

Scarcity Titles
Scarcity titles get readers curious. Use it to talk about well-guided secrets to achieving something.

Example: 5 Top Blogging Secrets Experts Won’t Tell You About

Big Promise Titles
This type of title assures readers they will gain a huge benefit when they click on the link. This is a good way to get attention.

Example: An Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your Blog

2. Follow Authority Blogs and Ezines to Improve your Title Creation Game

Following some authority blogs and ezines could be all you need to get the right inspirations for your blog post titles. These great blogs and ezines provide some of the best and most captivating titles to hold your audience spellbound.

News sites like the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Sun will give you a full dose of creative titles to learn from. You can commit to visiting these blogs and news sites once in a while to improve your blog post title game.

You will always find attractive titles on newsletters, videos and blog posts. Commit to paying attention to how these catchy titles are crafted and why you found them attractive.

Keep all the good titles that got your attention and save it in a doc file and use it as a swipe file when you are brainstorming for a new blog title.

3. Master the Art of Writing Blog Titles With Regular Practice

It is important to practice how to write catchy blog titles until you become a master in the art. Commit to writing blog titles as often as possible until it becomes a part of you.

You don’t have to wait until you have a blog post before writing a blog title. Practicing how to write a blog title is one way to come up with smart ideas for new blog posts. You can challenge yourself to write blog titles for 10 minutes every day until you can create the most amazing blog posts with ease.

4. Make Use of Your Keyword Research

You probably do lots of keyword research to help you understand what your audience loves to read about and talk about most of the time. Keyword research will also help you understand the search terms your audience use when searching for topics they are interested in.

You can insert keywords into your blog titles. This strategy will improve your SEO rankings and make it easy for your clients to easily find your posts in search engines.

However, you must be careful to avoid squeezing your target keyword into your blog titles in an awkward way.

5. Keep Your Thesaurus Handy

When writing your blog titles, make sure you pull out your thesaurus to improve your word game. You can decide to use the online or offline thesaurus depending on what floats your boat. Using your thesaurus while writing your blog titles will help improve your vocab while you learn new words.

Every great blogger knows this secret and uses it diligently. Your blog titles will look a whole lot better when you have a rich library of vocabulary to throw around.

So after writing your blog titles, refer to your thesaurus and look for more attractive synonyms to fine-tune your titles.

6. Use Specific Numbers, Lists, Digits, and Data

It is no longer news that readers are always mesmerized when they see a blog post with a specific number of points covered in the post from the title. Starting your blog post with a specific number, list or data makes your post stand out.

Using specific numbers or lists on the title of your posts gives your readers a clearer idea of what your post is about and what they should expect.

Examples: How to Make $153,234 from Blogging,  15 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Blog

When using lists or numbers for your posts, you can use any of these great words: tricks, tips, ideas, secrets, techniques, facts, strategies, ways, reasons, methods, statistics, etc. These attention-grabbing words make people curious to find out more.

7. Play the Emotional Card

Most people are ruled by their emotions and you can use this to your advantage when choosing the title of your blog posts.

Most people have not have realized why they end up reading some blog posts and sharing them even when there are several other posts they ignored.

According to researchers, clicking on any post you find on the internet is a matter of your emotional decision and choices.

For a blog title to be powerful and attractive, it must appeal to your emotions. Sometimes using terms associated with emotions in your topic evokes the right emotions in the readers. Some of the most common of such emotional words include exclusive delighted.

Make sure your blog title explains what to expect when people click on the link.

Examples: Are You Working Harder than Ever, but Still Worried About Layoffs?

8. Avoid Very Broad Topics

Experience has taught us that people are always searching for specific topics. Giving your blog a broad or vague topic won’t make people want to stop and read. Nobody is interested in a broad topic with no serious depth.

Every reader wants to see what information your blog posts are providing and what question you wish to answer through the blog. Your blog titles should be specific enough to let the reader know what to expect after reading your posts.

9. Compare Between Two or More Blog Posts

It is important you do some research on what will work well for your posts and what people are looking for. But most importantly, it is important you try and decide what will work best for your target audience.

This is why it is important to test between two or more titles to know which one is most suitable and will appeal to your audience. When comparing two or more titles for the blog, it is important you try to find out what people have been warming up to in your niche. Find out what other bloggers used when they published similar posts on a related topic and how their posts were received.

10. Choose Titles That Will Appeal to your Audience

Everyone on the world wide web does not belong to your target audience group so you can’t expect every internet user to fall in love with the titles you choose. When getting started with your blog, you need to arm yourself with basic knowledge on how to choose the best blog titles.

However, with time and practice, you should be able to come up with the right titles for your blogs without relying on these basic rules. Don’t forget your blog titles are not aimed at making you appear more clever than all other bloggers in your niche, that’s not the goal. So when trying to decide on what titles to place on your posts, make sure you think about your audience first before anything else.

With all the work you have to put in while trying to get more people to find your blog and probably purchase something, you are promoting, finding time to try out different blog titles may be a bit hard at first.

But when you consider the fact that your posts won’t make any meaningful impacts without the right titles, you can’t help but agree you need to put in as much time and effort as necessary to get it right with your blog titles. You can’t follow the great blog title tips in this post without learning how to create the most captivating titles for your blog posts.

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