How to Select a Profitable Blog Niche

profitable blog niche

Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to make a living through the web today, but you absolutely have to know what you’re doing. This is exactly the reason why so many bloggers and content curators are unable to turn a profit or drive traffic to their website.

You can’t simply write random articles and post them online. The content you post has to be well-thought-out, specifically targeted, and completely original, which is just what we’re going to discuss in this article. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely having some trouble getting eyes on your content and probably need some guidance to help you gain real interest in your blog and what type of blog that should be.

It can be difficult and frustrating to find a niche for your blog where the articles that you’re creating within that niche are generating interest, traffic, and eventually revenue. If you want to learn how to do that, then read on.

select profitable blog niche

It Works Better If You’re Already Selling Something

A blog is most profitable when that blog is attached to a website that already has a product or service on it, which you are selling. If you don’t have a business and are simply trying to make money from blog articles, then, though it is possible, you’re going to have a harder time finding ways to transform that content into cash.

Obviously, there has to be something connected to your blog which is worth money, even if it’s just ad revenue from something like a YouTube channel or various social media outlets. No matter what, there has to be a product, and the ideal scenario wherein you can generate profit from your blog is when every blog article you post brings people directly to your website, where there is some product or service being sold on that site.

We’re going to explore niche more below, but if you already have a business selling product on a website, then the niche of your blog will be subject matter that drives your customers to your website.

Passion is Profitable

passion profit

What drives you? Whatever that thing is that truly motivates you, drives you-that’s the thing that will motivate your readers, your customers, or whomever your audience is. It’s the golden rule of any creative endeavour, and blog writing is no exception: When you’re passionate about whatever it is you’re promoting through your blog, people are automatically going to be drawn to what you’re saying because passion is infectious.

Are you an avid collector of luxury watches? Do you love playing golf? Are you obsessed with fitness and nutrition? Whatever it is, blog content about those things you love the most is what’s going to make your articles appealing to people who read it. Well-crafted headlines attract people, and passionate writing wins them over. When you win them over, that’s when you start making money.

Knowledge Equals Money

It’s imperative that you know what you’re talking about. People are searching the web for information about what they want and what they’re interested in, and when they click on your blog article in Google, the content they find had better be good.

It had better have information that they need, and information that they can use. Otherwise, the reader is just going to click away and find another article that does have what they need. People don’t go to libraries anymore. They don’t read encyclopaedias.

Google is their library, and they treat blog articles on the Internet as their sole resource for gaining knowledge about any given subject, just like you are right now. That means you need to have useful, actionable content in all of your blog articles, so that they get exactly what they were looking for in your blog. Then, readers will begin to trust you. When they trust your content and get what they need, they’ll be open to buying your product.

Writing What You Know Becomes Your Niche

Writing What You Know Becomes Your Niche

It’s a good idea, when you start a blog, to take some time and think about what subjects or topics about which you know the most. First of all, if you are already running a business and need the blog to attract customers to that business, then you’re most likely very knowledgeable about everything relating to your business.

That’s a great position to be in because you have plenty of topics about which you can easily write blog articles. So, from those topics you already understand, you can then pick one that no one else is writing about or come at it from a different angle. That can be your niche for the blog.

Your Differentiator Can Also Be Your Niche

A differentiator is something that gives customers incentive to buy from a company with competitors who sell the same product, and even if you don’t have a company, you can figure out what makes you special and promote that through your blog.

At its core, a niche is just a space that no one else is occupying, where you can create something unique that other people are interested in. When you find something that makes you different and interesting, take that thing and talk about it in detail within your blog. It’s a perfect way to carve out your own niche.

A Blog has to Be Original to Be Successful

This is one of the most common ways that blogs fail today. It’s easy to research what is the most popular content online and copy that same type of content in your own blog, but it’s more of a challenge to come up with a truly original blog. Some blogs don’t even try to be original.

There’s a good reason why those blogs don’t get much traffic, and that’s because they simply don’t stand out. Standing out is paramount in content marketing today. Figure out what interests you, what you’re passionate about, and write articles about those subjects. Then, write about it in your own voice, from your heart, and that’s the kind of content that will draw in your audience.

The bottom line is that your blog articles need to turn heads to be profitable. A great way to turn those heads towards your blog is to write content in a specific niche, and you can find that niche by using the aforementioned guidelines. Don’t try to do the same thing that every other popular blog is doing. Tell your audience what you want them to know about what you’re selling, write from your passion, and create original, high-quality content as often as possible.

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